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Winner of 168 Hour Film Festival 2006
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The first Italian film created for the 168 Hour Project Film Festival which won awards for the categories:

Best Film 2006
Best Screenplay 2006
Best Integration of Scripture 2006
Best International Film 2006

Choose your preferred format to view a short version of this award-winning Italian language film (with English Subtitles) View a short video of the awards presentation from Hollywood USA.

The DVD of the entire film, including over 40 minutes of content is available from

The film was presented at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival, in addition the film was awarded BEST FILM UNDER 15 MINUTES AT the 2007 Damah Film Festival and BEST DRAMATIC FILM (under $50,000) at the 2006 CEVMA Film Festival (Europe) plus Two Silver Crown Awards at the 2007 ICVM Film Festival (USA)


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